People with mental health and addictions issues often face stigma in their daily lives. Stigma is a negative stereotype that marks someone as different from others. It can lead to isolation and prevent people from seeking help. Find out more about stigma and its impact, and common myths about mental health and addictions. 


​​end STIGMA


CHANGE lives

The goal of Break the Barrier is to reduce stigma and create community support for people suffering with mental health and addictions issues in the Saskatoon region by inviting people in recovery to share their stories, and with the public at large through community events and activities. Find out how you can help Break the Barrier.​

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Funding for BreaktheBarrier was provided by the Royal University Hospital Foundation Community Mental Health Endowment Fund. 

Partners include:  Mental Health and Addiction Services, Saskatoon Health Region, Crocus Co-op, Saskatoon Housing Coalition, Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Services, Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatoon Branch, Living with Mental Illness Conference